Flower Power

“How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers.”
-Mother Teresa

We just spent our whole morning/early afternoon outside. I pulled weeds, Robby mulched, and Meg made a mess :). It is a perfect day for 3 pale folk because it is overcast with the occasional pop of sunlight showing through (I swear we’d be vampires if they were real cause we need like, spf 150). These few days of spring that Mississippi has are my favorite. Soon, the heat that is like molten lava coupled with humidity that you could bite cause it’s so thick will be here. But not yet. Now it is picnic in the park-wear a light jacket-fresh air-goin on a walk-nap outside kind of weather. It’s also “get your yard not looking like white trash/a jungle with unknown species in it” kind of weather.  If you saw the before picture (which I purposely did not take) you would think we were gong on safari the weeds were so thick. Thus while we were outside for 6 1/2 hours working on our zero lot line front yard.

But now it is weeded, fertilized, freshly mulched and looks quite nice. We had great company of our sweet, over 60, bff neighbors who were working in their yard as well and Meg got to be a real kid and get overly stinky and eat a lil dirt.  And although both the work and company today were great and had a great outcome, we are still missing something…flowers.

Our yard is trimmed and healthy with all the junk gone and porch swept. But it is lacking the beauty of spring which- to me – is only found in a colorful bloom. This year I don’t want to JUST be weedless and manicured- I. WANT. COLOR. Lots and all kinds. In pots and bowls, vases and wreathes. In our front and back yard, on our porch, in our kitchen, bathrooms and bedsides. To enjoy for ourselves and to give away to others.

I think Mother Teresa’s comparison of children to flowers is so relatable to me. As much as I want to be surrounded by beautiful flowers; I want more than anything to bring home our beautiful baby girl from India, named Eden home (to read more posts on our adoption story click HERE).

We started the adoption process a little over a year ago and are currently 2nd on our list to be matched. We’ve been told we could get a match in 7 months, or today (really helps, huh?) But today, as we rid our yard of filth and prepare beauty to be planted, I find my imagination running wild. Our home is about to be filled with color. We’ll watch our pure and pale Meg with our dark complected Eden both blossom before our eyes. We will have color in our front and back yards, our porch, kitchen, bathrooms and beds. Our little girls, full of life and color will be spreading their beauty all through out our home and to the world outside.

PLEASE don’t get me wrong- it’s not just about making the “perfect garden of color”. We aren’t collecting kids to look good. But we are basking in the ABSOLUTE beauty that is provided by seeing racial, ethnic, age, and background barriers crossed which then result in endless lessons of unity, love, family, and acceptance- ALL of which, like children and flowers, we could never have too much.

Happy Friday-



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