Love what you do & do what you love



I use to want to be a photographer when I grew up.  Which is actually quite ironic because I ended up marrying one instead (you can find his work by clicking HERE).The perks are fabulous. Robby doesn’t just take pictures that are in focus and show what people looked like at that point in life- he captures the emotion of the moment. It’s truly a gift. 

But the one downside, for me at least, is that I quit taking pictures. I just didn’t feel like it was necessary. I mean on one hand you had Robby’s “pieces of art conveying the personhood of the subject that deeply penetrated the heart of the onlooker”. (dramatic enough?) And then there were my pictures- mostly centered, possibly out of focus, terribly composed, usually taken with my arm showing on the side (holler if ya here me).  

So I quit. I quit doing something I enjoyed because I started comparing it with something else.  Wasn’t my first rodeo with the game of comparison.  The world of instagram has helped me start back snapping photos. And maybe that coupled with the influence of my photojournalistic hubsand, (misspelled on purpose as it is his nickname) can start me back on the track of documenting my life and of those around me. 

So I leave you with the pic above. Snapped during a normal day on Lawson Street. Just neighbors gathering doing what we have termed “porching” and eating dessert on a Friday afternoon.

Here’s to doing something we love-just because we love it.

night night,






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