Hodge Podge

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I like to number things especially when I have a hodge podge of thoughts so here we go….

1. Just want to give thanks. Robby, Meg and I were on our way to Natchez Friday when we got hit by a car. Fortunately our car is a tank and the other guys was the one busted.  He hit Meg’s car door most closely, and really shook us up. But we’re all ok (including the sweet man who hit us and felt terribly mortified once he saw Meg was in the car). But I wanted to still take time to GIVE thanks. Sometimes I’m thankful, but don’t express that outside of myself so others don’t know. And maybe if I’m taking time giving thanks, my mouth will be preoccupied from things I shouldn’t say and complaining.

2. It’s getting dadgum hot outside. And I have to just confess outloud that I will not, under any circumstances, scouts honor, pinky swear, wear a cardigan in the blistering heat of the southern summer.  I know that sounds weird.  Logically who would do that?  But I’ll tell you who – me. Why? Because I’m self conscious. I’m a little bigger, little paler, little more splotchy than I would like. Same reason why I’ll wear sunglasses on my head when I have a bad hair day even if it is raining outside or why I make sure to put in my pearls when I’m going to work out (you know, so I look a little girly).  Well, those days are over. I’m gonna sweat outside in my tank top, rock my unruly hair, and workout like a beast instead of worrying looking like a princess. Because maybe the truth is that no one cares as much about my appearance as I think they do. And maybe by consenting to embrace my imperfect days (whether because of appearance or circumstance), other ladies will be more at ease with their imperfect days. And we can focus on more important things than ourselves and each other.

3. Absolutely wonderful video on the power of adoption. Even things that seem scary (disease, disability, special needs) take on a whole new meaning when you put a face of a child with them.  Check it out HERE. (PS-thanks erin and heatha for sharing this with me).

end random blurb.



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