How embarrassing…


I don’t even want to show my face on the blog world right now.

It has been WAY too long since I wrote last.  I felt the creeping up of guilty feelings of failing at another venture of mine, but then realized “I aint got time for all that!”. So I’ll just move forward and apologize to my faithful follower (HI MOM!) and start pounding the keys again.  And yes the above picture is of Meg with a bag on her head. It’s a little terrible-and funny.

A few reasons why I have been so MIA- a couple emotional but mostly T-I-M-E!!!  We are in the thick of wedding season. This is prime time for garters and blue shoes, up-does and borrowed broaches.  And even though it is exhausting to run your own business- I’m really thankful to be apart of it. I like being closely connected with a bride on a day she has anticipated and hoped for.  Eavesdropping (usually as I’m holding a light right under their faces) on a newly wed couple saying sweet nothings, sharing funny gander or just looking completely relieved is my favorite part of the day.

He usually tells her “you look beautiful”.

And she does. Not only is this a highlight of her life to marry her one true love- but girl has been fixed UP! I mean the hair, the makeup, the wax, the tan, twinklin toes, long eyelashes, dainty undies and the dress of her dreams.  She is lookin gooood.  We get to see people on their best looking day. And even if the girl is like me and a little timid to do “the works” to herself (although I highly endorse getting pampered like a princess as long as you don’t act like the queen) every bride still has that glow that radiates.

But even on those days it’s there.  It may be understated, but I can hear it. Wishing a little more weight had been lost, is she wearing too much makeup, does her hair look too big, is the lipstick too bright. And in reality, this is done EVEN on a wedding day because it’s what we females practice all the time. The infamous downing of our physical appearance.

Now I could spend some serious time here- but I’ll just give a short blurb on this matter. Since having a little girl I’ve been bombarded with ideas of helping her keep a great image. How barbies are bad, and television can be worse because it portrays the wrong kind of looks.  How I shouldn’t let Meg read magazines or be in beauty contests cause it’s all shallow and focuses on the wrong things.  And I REALLY do get all of that. I agree with some and respect the other. But bluntly speaking it is not going to be fake dolls or the Little Mermaid that makes my baby girl most self conscious….It will be what comes out of my mouth. Am I constantly griping over my lost metabolism, exclaiming why I can’t eat things anymore, commenting sarcastically about my body as to play off my disappointment? Am I frustrated when I get ready in the morning cause my hair is a beast or nothing fits over my large hips (because you know even a baby girl loves watching her momma get dressed-and she’ll hear and repeat).

This isn’t a ploy to allow me to stop caring about how I look. I want to do my best to be healthy.  That healthiness just has to start with my mind and link to my mouth. Oops- I said short blurb…I’ll end with these comments…

1. To all brides- you are beautiful. Get dolled up on your day and enjoy it. And then when it’s all over and you have to do your own makeup again- you’re still beautiful.

2. Power to you moms fighting for your daughters image of herself. Just hope you’re fighting for your own image as well.

3. What we say really matters. A. Lot.

4. I’m mostly talking to myself.

I PROMISE I’ll write again sometime this year. 🙂



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