“for-e-ver” – quote from one of my all time favorite childhood movies (Sandlot); how long this “wedding season” spring/summer/fall has felt; since the picture of the cutest lil pig ever was taken (Meg halloween 2011 above); and the length of time it has been since I have blogged. I want to thank both of my faithful followers for staying tuned (again- shout out to mom and dad ๐Ÿ™‚

My mind and heart are so full since the last time I wrote that it’s really intimidating to start again. But I really do love thinking and writing and writing what I think so let’s get back up on that horse Jess! (end self-pep talk).

I’ll start simple and confess that I am a homebody! It’s true! Contrary to my social behavior, home is my favorite place to be. I love the attire (“sporty spice” is my normal look although “slightly like a boy in oversized clothes” is a severely close second), I love cooking and smelling up the whole house with bacon or cookies or whatever new candle my scent-obsessed Robby has bought. I love a movie with popcorn on my deep couch under the best blanket that was given by our bff Elizabeth who calls me poodle (which at first sounds like she either likes me or it would be annoying but from her it’s a MAJOR compliment and term of intense endearment). I crave getting out of the bed, especially when it’s cold, throwing on a sweatshirt on and reading with some hot beverage while the sun comes up. I could go on. and on. and on. ย Being away from home the past few months off and on has been great. Traveling is one of our hobbies and comes with the profession so I try to take it all in. But, here comes the cheesy but true line, there is really no place like home for me.

So my challenge to myself and to all of you (if there are any) is to embrace the home. Love it, cling to your moments there. Cook and eat with those you love (and maybe help clean up). Carve some pumpkins, or rearrange the mantle. Have a hot chocolate and Harry Potter marathon, snuggle with your baby and read as many books as she wants. These are little things. But I tell you that I am finding these are the little things that empower and refresh me for the “bigger” ones. Or maybe…they are the bigger ones.

Much love,



3 thoughts on “For-e-ver…

  1. This has come to be so true for me as well! And it’s actually quite the opposite of my personality. My husband is the hermit and I think in turn has made me into one! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love love love being a stay at home wife/mom and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I think in gonna crazy sometimes…but then I remember how important my job is and all the wonderful things about home. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. i was SO excited to see your post pop up on my blog roll of people I follow ๐Ÿ™‚
    there is something so special and unique about being home isn’t there? and i’m going to have to agree with you…the more He is teaching me the more I am seeing that those things you mentioned are indeed the “big” things in this life – the gifts He has so graciously given us!

  3. I have an embroidery hanging in my kitchen I made over 40 years ago that says “Happiness is Still Homemade” and it’s so true. The little things in life make the big things in life so much better! So don’t neglect the little things, they bring much happiness! I love your blog!

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