The dad gum good “Good Wife”

I made new year’s revolutions (as my group of friends is calling it). But I’m not going to blog about that cause it’s really not impressive until I’ve actually accomplished some of them, so I’ll hit you up in April with my results (or I’ll pretend like it never happened if I plummet into failure 🙂

I am, however, going to talk a bit about something that is ruining my life and that is the show “The Good Wife”. Yes, I realize it is now in like season 20 or so but as usual, Robby and I jump on TV bandwagons a lot later than the rest of the world. We just finished season one and just started the second and it is going to be the end of me. The unwatched episodes loom over me and in the back of my mind most of the day until we sit and watch 1, or 2, or 3 (certainly NOT 4!…except that one time) episodes. Robby and I innocently ask one another “what do you want to do tonight?” As if there were actually other options. Even last night, we did other things until almost 10pm. I finished a great and sad book (The Book Thief) and he worked on some editing. Acting like we were more mature than to be reeled in by that box in our living room. And then we watched an episode until 11pm. If we can only get caught up then we will be forced to just watch once a week and life will resume to a normal-ish status of followell tv watching which is usually not that much. 

This late night tv watching has a few not-so- great side effects. 

1. I can’t go to sleep right away. My mind is tossing and turning over the characters and their drama (judge on judgers).

2. I have been sleeping in (7:30-8ish) which totally skips over my morning work out.

What has happened to me? Before the holidays, I was getting up around 5:00, working out, getting my coffee, reading and cleaning a bit before my people woke up. I had a schedule! Now I am doing something different every day. And with the weather being so cold, it makes it even worse to retreat from the oasis of snuggles that is our cozy, warm bed. This is a disaster! – or is it? I failed to mention that Robby and I are like giddy children late at night. We laugh, sneak treats from the fridge (which these healthier days is almond butter), discuss random topics (ok mostly TGW) under our string of white lights still hanging on our bed from Christmas – I can’t let go of the white lights. We snuggle in the morning, taking turns slamming our alarms off (again- don’t get mad-we have a toddler so 7:30am is “sleeping late”). It’s like we are just living each day and not worrying much about tomorrow. 🙂

As I wrap up this rabbit chase, I’ll try to make my point and share just one of my NY revolutions (I know I said I wouldn’t but I changed my mind)…

relax. enjoy. breathe in. let go. soak up.

I’m sure I’ll reinstate a couple of early morning workouts and I really do enjoy drinking something hot and watching the world wake up. But my schedule can stand to be shaken up a bit. I’ll run a few nights instead of mornings or just park the car far away from the grocery store to get in some cardio. I don’t know about you, but I need to relax. I need to not be so hard on myself and stop maxing out  my to do list. I need to prioritize making memories and not DOING so much. I want cooking dinner together to be a family activity, and to say yes to Meg when she asks “one mo book?” even if it is past her bed time of 8. I need to plan to have times of UN-PLANNED things. I need to say more yes to “not doing anything” and make more room for the “whatever happens”. I’m not talking about spontaneity-like crazy things to spice up life, and I’m not talking about being lazy. I guess what I’m saying is what I’ve already said. Let’s…

relax. enjoy. breathe in. let go. soak up.

much love- jess






2 thoughts on “The dad gum good “Good Wife”

  1. Great post! It also make me happy that one day I might actually have a child that sleeps till 7:30 :). I saw a that one of my friends resolutions (or revolutions..I like that) was to worry less about the getting in all the workouts, sticking to a diet and fitting into a size (fill in the blank) and just enjoy a healthy lifestyle without the scrutiny. When I read your post, I thought about that. Go on and enjoy the snuggles and staying up late and extra book. It is something I am striving for this year – a more holistic view of “healthy,” not just a healthy body, but attitude, family, mind, heart, etc.

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