It has been cray cray in the Followell house (basically ever since there was a “Followell house”) but for sure the last few months. Too much to catch up on so I’ll just start in the middle…

We are anticipating to travel to get Eden in October or November. Now, everything in adoption world is full of “tentatives” and “ish”, but to even fathom it being that soon is a big excitement to us! We will be writing out her whole story on our blogs at some point as well as documenting her coming home through pictures (duh) so I won’t go into the nitty gritty of all that has happened since February. Basically in a nutshell it has been- generosity overload, friends stepping up, family rallying around, minds being blown, prayers being answered, paperwork (IT NEVER ENDS!), waiting, training, scheduling, waiting, getting answers, applying for visas and “govermenty” stuff, dreaming, anticipating, reading…repeat, repeat, repeat. The small happenings are wildly important and will be shared at a later date. But you can get the picture.

If I had to title what right now is looking like, it would be “Preparing”.  I am beginning to buy things for our trip. Small things like sippy cups and tylenol, but the fact that a “travel pile” exists in a closet is exhilarating. Meg’s drawers are beginning to be rearranged to make room for Eden’s clothes. Reading a couple of books about attachment for adopted children. Attempting to get way ahead in all my work responsibilities. Lining up doctors for appointments. Applying for visas. Having “maybe this is our last time without kids for a while” date nights. Buying things that say India even if they are of no use to us. Making lists and getting shots- hoping it all gets lined up, checked off, filed, stamped and completed before the time we lift off.

Thinking over and over in my head the past 21/2 years from decision to adopt, to waiting on our court papers leaves me in utter amazement. That Eden will no longer just be a t-shirt worn, but a child with a full personality. A little sister trying to mimic Meg. A girl who needs her daddy when she falls down. A momma’s girl (for sure 🙂 Her little life has felt anything but little to us. We will never be the same because of it. And I have a feeling, others may feel the same way.

Our adoption post about our court date got around 600 likes. At first I feel so stupid even saying that because most would say “those aren’t real friends” or “social media kills you” or something in between the dramatics of both of those statements. But really, I like Facebook and other social media. Sure- like everything – in moderation. And we for sure try to be careful it isn’t interfering with our lives or allowing us to acquire our self worth from it. BUT let me tell you what it has been doing and showing me through this adoption- people are intrigued with real love. People are drawn to doing something bigger than themselves. They are aching for anything that sheds a light of hope and they still love a story of rescue (see the bottom for my brief thoughts on the use of that word). We have taken all of our “likes” as affirmation, encouragement, “go get em tigers” and they have honestly pressed us on in days that felt so so long and never ending.

I write these words for a few reasons- 1. To update you a bit on where we are. 2. To say THANK YOU to all of you who have not only “liked” our posts but given money, thought, time, attention, prayer, petition, or kind words. So many people have sent a “random note” or “just thinking of you guys today” text. Countless people have bought t-shirts and post each time they wear them which always makes me feel like I just got a hug from Eden. It all seems small but I am here to tell you kindness is NEVER small. One of my favorite quotes is ” An act of kindness, however small, is never wasted.” I hope that we can be those small and big acts of kindness for others the rest of our lives. It has made all the difference.

Considering we feel like EVERYONE around us is bringing Eden home, we will update you once we hear the happenings of our court appointment September 4th. From there, we will know a closer time of travel. 🙂

much love,



PS. I need a GREAT memoir to read on the plane- suggestions?

PSS. RESCUE – many VERY smart and experienced people have warned us on claiming our adoption of Eden as a rescue story. That viewing it as that may cause pain for her or her self worth to be jeopardized. I want you to know I understand where you are coming from and we will not be glorifying the fact that WE rescued her or that SHE is the lucky one because of US. But in our belief, we understand rescue as a beautiful and sacrificial gift God our Father did for us. And THAT rescue story parallels with hers and is why we use the word rescue. In that light- to us- “rescue” is one of the best things you could experience. We share that in common with Eden and that is how her story needs to be told.


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