Just Keep Swimming…

I read that it is 100 days until Christmas. That is crazy! Crazy because it is still sweltering hot in the good ole Sip. Crazy because I feel like we have a million weddings to do between now and then. And mostly crazy because we will most certainly have Eden home.

We are at a point this week where we aren’t sure if we will travel in October or November. Some miraculous things have to go down for us to travel in October, but we are hopeful. Either way though, the certainty that she will be home by Christmas (and well before actually) just blows me away. This adoption journey (this part at least) IS going to end. We will actually have another little girl in our midst and under our roof! Meg will not think Eden is an imaginary friend anymore (bless her heart)!

Right now I am filled with joy, but tired. This kind of tired is like the mile right before you finish your marathon; the final push before the baby is born, the last few boxes in the U-haul to a new house. No option of stopping but you wouldn’t want to anyway. You have to and desire to finish. You don’t run 25 miles just to wimp out on the final mile! You don’t go through labor for any other reason than to have the baby! And you do not pack up every tiny bit of your house to leave any of it behind! Light at the end of the tunnel- keep going!

One of my favorite movies is the Kevin Costner “Robin Hood”. In it, one of the characters asks Robin, “Will you stand with us and finish what you started?”. I’m a sucker for a hero story. But what I love most is the part of the story when the hero could quit, but (OBVIOUSLY) chooses to press on. Now, I’m certainly not a hero type. But there is an ever present fork in the road in my spirit that I can choose to quit or finish what I started. This is not an option! Why would I quit and give in right when the joy is about to happen!?! I am certainly weary of the surrender and unknown but that will be nothing compared to the absolute relief and shear love we have and feel when Eden is in our arms.

I just wanted to share that things are hard and sometimes stay hard for a little while. Sometimes prayers don’t get answered exactly the way we pray them. Sometimes I hope so hard that I get a disappointed that the outcome looks different than I thought it should. It is a lie that things always work out for believers the way we want. The road can be tough. But let me tell you, precious sister and brother, persevering in prayer and holding tight to hope is ALWAYS worth it. I want to travel in October. I want to get that baby home asap and bring our friends with us to document it and know right now so we can book our flights and be on a count down to the days we fly. But if it doesn’t happen that way- it’s ok. We’ll just be strong and courageous and wait. And when its time, we will know and we will rejoice.

If you are in a time of waiting and the outcome or the timing is unknown, I pray you can have hope. It’s really not a cheesy thing to have. It is powerful. It helps us to hold on. And it helps us to have joy even when things are over our head. It isn’t naive or unrealistic. If you place your hope in God and not your outcome, you are sure to win- every. single. time. He never fails.

A bit all over the place today. Took cold meds. Hope everything is spelled correctly 🙂

Just keep swimming friend,



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